iPad for business - End User.


Discover and learn how to use the apps and services that can make your iPad a true productivity tool. After getting to know the iPad, you'll find out how the applications installed on the iPad work. You will learn how to manipulate the tablet and use it for common tasks: email, contact and calendar management, Internet search, browsing, reading documents. This training allows you to go further by transforming the iPad into a real work tool and to make you a real ambassador of your digital transformation.


- Start with an iPad.

- Bluetooth and Wifi connection.

- Choice or modification of languages (device, keyboard, auto-correction). 

- Security: data, restriction, network.

- Setting up a calendar account, a contact account, and an email account.

- Apple ID.

- Working with shared files in the cloud.

- iCloud, what can I do with it?

- What are the links between Apple devices?

- Application management.

- How to work without paper: note, pictures, task list, scan.

- iOS Tip and Tricks.


Training time: 1/2 day (4h)

Price per person: 300 € EXCL. VAT

Limited to 10 people.



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