Do you want to improve your iPad skills? This training is for you. Our trainers will guide you through the new iPadOS features and functions.


This half-day training will help you better understand how to use the iPad, how to make it your preferred working tool and how to get started with it. All the tips and tricks to help you get the most out of it.


If you want to learn the basics of the Design Thinking method, you've come to the right place. Our experts offer you a one-day training course to understand what Design Thinking is all about. The various steps are covered, as well as practical application in individual cases to make you even more familiar with the method.


A training course lasting two full days to train you in the Photoshop tool of the Adobe suite. For photo retouching, mockup creation in particular. Different levels are possible: beginner, intermediate or advanced, this training is for everyone.


During two full days, we train you in the Illustrator tool of the Adobe suite. This tool will allow you to learn more about vector drawing, logo creation and much more. A training course for all levels.


This training course from InDesign, a program in the Adobe suite, will enable you to learn more about the layout of catalogues or books, for example. This training lasts two days and is available for beginners or intermediates.


Wordpress is a free website creation platform, a CMS. During three days, we accompany you in the discovery of the Wordpress tool, its parameters, its editor, how to optimize your site under Wordpress and many other tools.

Online training.


An innovative method that aims to help you in your digital transformation. If you are interested in Design Thinking but don't have the time to follow a daytime training course, we offer you an online training course in the form of several video capsules.