Do you want to transform yourself? 

Make your business evolve in the current context?

Bring your business to its full potential?


Underside now offers you two new formulas to accompany you in monitoring your digital transformation and help you face the various challenges you may have. Christophe and Hélène, our two mentors, will accompany you throughout the process.


The different formulas.


Private mentoring sessions.

- Small group sessions.

- The objective is to answer your questions.

- Participants are guided towards a suitable solution.


Price: 200€ excl. VAT for 1 hour.

Package: 900€ HTVA for 5 hours.



- Our 2 mentors take the floor.

- Awareness raising on the question "How to transform digitally in a crisis context".

- Exchanges around the subject.


Price: 500€ excl. VAT for 1 hour.

So, seduced?

Contact us if you have any questions about the different formulas or the methodology, our teams will be happy to answer you. Or order your session directly.